Our Services

Corporate & Commercial Law

(Protecting your business)

We will walk with you throughout the life cycle of your business, right from inception. We will therefore advise you in areas such as establishment and registration of all types of business and social enterprise (including not-for profit organizations), your contractual rights and obligations, acquisitions and disposals, corporate restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions. We are also able to work with you in charting your business succession plans beyond the founding visionaries

Corporate Governance

(Clarifying your roles)

Not sure what your Shareholders can demand from you as a Board or Management? Need clarity on the distinction of roles as between your Shareholders, Board and Management? We have the right answers for you. We are able to independently conduct a corporate governance assessment; administer your Board evaluation (including Board self evaluation); and design your corporate governance policy (including Risk governance).

Dispute Resolution

(Resolving your battles)

Disputes cost time and money, both of which are finite resources that can be better applied to more rewarding pursuits. We are therefore in the business of helping clients to avoid legal tussles and/or resolve them as quickly but conclusively as possible through Mediation and Arbitration. These include commercial disputes, shareholder disputes, and workplace disputes. 

Conveyancing & Real Estate

(Protecting your property)

We have extensive experience in real estate matters ranging from sale and purchase transactions; banking and securities; landlord and tenancy matters. We have a good grasp of the emerging legislation relating to land, and we are able to guide you through each transaction as painlessly as possible.

Regulatory & Legal Compliance

(Keeping you on the right side of the law)

With the numerous National and County laws in force, we will help ensure that you are on the right side of the law by assisting you to prepare licensing and other legal requirement checklists specific to your industry and company to ensure stress free operations.

Intellectual Property

(Protecting your ideas and innovations)

So you’ve invested in building your brand or you have the next earth shattering idea? We’ll help you protect your intellectual property and ensure that any infringement is quickly remedied. We’ll also make sure that you don’t (inadvertently) infringe anyone else’s intellectual property rights. Our services in this respect include registering trademarks and other IP rights, and managing your IP portfolio to avoid any lapses. 

Competition & Consumer Law

(Protecting your turf)

We will help you navigate through the laws and regulations governing your interaction with your customers and your competitors. This includes advising on your advertising materials; as well as positioning of your products/services.

Workplace Relations

(Ensuring your compliance)

Your business needs a team that is committed to delivering on your brand promise. We offer services ranging from drafting employment contracts; structuring employee incentive schemes; and drafting employment policies (including Occupational Health and Safety regulations).

Governance Audits

(Evaluating your structures)

Your Board and Senior Management team need to be on a dedicated journey of continuous improvement to ensure that your organization passes the highest tests of governance scrutiny. We are accredited Governance Auditors ,and we will help steer you on that journey.